Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Monday....

Our Scrapping sleepover was so much fun!
The girls had a great time... although I think they only scrapped one page.
Both dressed as Princesses... with their "clapping shoes" as Mikaela calls them...
They found GLITTER in Kaela's scrap box.
So now our house is TOTALLY GLITTERED. We're just going to leave it !
{Nath found it most amusing that glitter was all over his side of the bed (and Pillow) Saturday night}

NOTE TO SELF: If, after the event, you are going to be totally relaxed and blase about it, best to be that way the whole time.... I was on the phone to Nath the next morning, insisting we go and buy a super duper vacuum cleaner (we have two rugs in our home to vacuum, thats it.. and the crappy vacuum we have does okay in usual circumstances).

The girls spilled the glitter all over the living room... the couch and rug. AND IN THEIR HAIR (of course).....
They had fun dancing in the living room, with the disco ball and torch.
Harassing the young boys next door.
Running, squealing and giggling in the courtyard and through the house.
Painting their nails...

Di and I just scrapped. Humming, occasional chats... mostly just enjoying the time to relax and scrap.

As all REALLY fabulous evenings do, it ended in tears!!
They were jumping on the bed {we think} and Jasmin fell down and banged the side of her head.
Poor darling has a bit of a bruise and gash... Girls are such little toughies....

I DID NOT get up to do my walk up Red Hill.... since we'd only been in bed for 5 hours, I just couldnt do it!
After a breaky, a bit more scrapping and fun Di and Jasmin went home to do a few things.
Kaela and I went for a pedicure.

Di came back to collect us... we went to a Card making workshop at a her friends {Julie}.
It was a Stampin Up party... I just LOVE their products... YUMMY stuff!
Julie was the perfect host... made delicious food and even gave beautiful gifts.
Saturday night... Nath had returned from his guy weekend in Sydney... and cooked us a PERFECT seafood BBQ. Lovely relaxing evening at home together!

Sunday morning... I got up to do my 4km walk up Red Hill.
Nath and I walked down to the local... got the papers. Kaela didnt walk, she went on her scooter... and she fly's down this hill near our place (scares the crap out of me)!!
We made a great Sunday brunch... mushies, spinach and soft boiled eggs on rye toast.
Kaelas horseriding... then to her Dad's - I dropped them to the pool !

Nath and I went and bought Mikaela her Chrissy pressies.
We got her exactly what she was after.
We know this because.....
A couple of weeks ago the Toys R Us catalogue came with the Sunday papers.
Early on a Sunday morning... like 6am, she comes into me.... pointing to the things she likes.
I tell her to get a pen... and CIRCLE ALL THE THINGS YOU WANT.
I think this will give me a bit more sleep time... you know, like at least half an hour!
Nooooooooo...... my dear child circles TWO things.
Well, she had circled THREE things... # 3 she circled quite a few times in fact !
Then she put a big cross through it.
Now she had my total attention.
Me: So why did you put a cross through this here Kaela?
K: Because its too big...Is it Mum?
Its a Little Mermaid kitchen set... and of course we bought it for her yesterday....

The thing is ... I do not like for Mikaela to have A LOT of toys.
I rather she has a FEW really good quality ones... and then the rest I tend to give away pretty frequently to charity.
I often have a large bag in the boot.... on its way to drop off.
Sometimes it takes a week or so!
It gets there in the end.

Here are a few photos (as requested by Shazz) of some paper mache hot air balloons I made for Mikaela when she was about 3 years old. I have only just put them up in our new home last weekend. And yes... some of them still do not have baskets... sheez!

Oh.. BTW.... I KNOW this is a long and boring post... but I am trying to keep it as I originally intended.

I am saving each month in a word file... and I print them off with each Banner, laminate it as a marker... store in a folder for Mikaela to one day be bored TO TEARS with!


Love to you all peeps... have great Mondays!! Bx


Shaz said...

They are gorgeous and such a great idea, I have 5 neices and you have given me a great idea for xmas if I can gather the energy, I really do think there cute, Thanks Honey.
I havent done any shopping yet Im dreading it as I am hopeless. I should start in july as I try to put so much thought into my presys that I leave it to the point of no time and then have to just get anything I hate that.
Love u xoxox

Di said...

Thanks for a great Friday Night/Saturday Morning - Jas and I really enjoyed ourselves. The girls really did have a great time together -we should do it again. Jas tells me that Kaela has to come to our place next time.

I am still trying to wash the sparkles off the top of her head - they really do stick - and I've washed her hair twice already!

Love Di :-)

~Bek~ said...

Shaz.. I know exactly what you mean about chrissy shopping... wanting to find the perfect gift. Remembering you saw something for X so many months ago, which was EXACTLY right.. but not remember WHAT it was! Then buying some crap.. any crap, just to give a gift! Any thing! I hate Xmas for that reason!!!!

Di... we had a great time too... and we would love to have a sleepover at yours. There is ALWAYS scrappin to be done!


~Bek~ said...

Oh... and Di... I KNOW how hard that glitter is to get out!! It is NEVER coming out of Mikaela's ~that is for sure~.