Monday, November 13, 2006

World Dare....

Here is my entry for the first World Wide Dare... the challenge is:

Scrap a childhood memory. Cover your entire background. Put your title on your photo. Add paint. All on one page!

Journalling is:

As a child I had a huge gap between my two front teeth! I could easily fit a 20 cent piece between them. Yeah.... REALLY!! My mother would tell me this meant that one day I would be RICH! I guess its in the same vein as its "goodluck" when:
a bird craps on your heard OR
it rains on your wedding day.
Or perhaps it just depends on your definition of rich.
I think I am very RICH and wealthy!

Oh... and they grew in naturally, no braces or any kind of intervention required. For all the compliments I receive (and have received over the years) for my beautiful teeth and smile.... who would have known I was such a gappy freckly kid? {HUGE GRIN}
I love this photo!

EDIT: Jen's comment reminds me... Mikaela has this gap too, and when she saw this photo, naturally her comment was "Oh Mum, you look like me" BLESS !!
Peace out...


Shaz said...

How so cute cute u are!!!!
I had lots of frecles aswell...
(You can still see them if I spend to much time in the sun)
Ish cant wait to meet you! and she says she had her best yet.
hugs xoxox

ceanandjen said...

I had that same exact gap! And my little man does too. ha ha You were absolutely adorable Bek!Yet another fabulous journal page.

xoxoxoxo to you...

brittany said...

hey, just stumbled on here...such a great layout. How do you join/enter the world wide dare scene? sounds like some fun inspiration...


Di said...

Bek - I saw this layout and immediately could see the resemblence between you and Mikaela.... could never see the resemblence before. Love the layout!

my pink sky said...

beautiful smile :) love that you share this with your wee one. it's so cool to see ourselves in our babes.

Goddess of Leonie said...

ha ha,
you said crap.


crap is the secret bingo word of the day and YOU JUST WON!!!!!!

so good to talk to you yesterday.

thank you for being bare-hearted with me.