Friday, October 06, 2006

Tomorrow is THE DAY...

Got this photo from here.
Its (they) are not me... just an example of my favourite way to ride.
At night.
In the dark.
Mind you... I say this only having done one night ride.
I know just from that ride... that I love it !!!!
Something funny happens to you when you mountain bike.
It gets you.
Under your skin.
I love mountain biking.
I love road cycling too.
Even tho I am not very fit.
Nor do I even have great skill.
Its just about me and my bike.
As one.
And I love it.
The big race is on TOMORROW. My lap times are approximately 1810hrs... which will be light. And then one at 1.05 am in the dark.
Think of me peeps.
Wish me MUCH (I dont actually believe in "luck") so wish me some DETERMINATION *grin*
Guts and Glory. Bahahahaha!


Shaz said...

You Go Girl.................

Shaz xoxo

b/sistersshoes said...

I'll be your cheerleader bek....

"cycle to the left...cycle to the right...hold on, hold on, hold on tight"

(now with pom poms)~~~~~~~~~**

"what the heck...we want bek..
rah rah rah"

(now the drum role)~~~~~~~~~~~

"GOooooooooooooo BEK!!!!!!!!!!"

Wwoooo Whooooo YEAH!!!!!

(okay, now I'm out of breath)
(pretty good for 45) :)

love you..good luck


Goddess of Leonie said...

go woman... GO... GO... GO...

have a grandiose time...

i believe in you...

and i love the idea of riding in the dark, having faith in the darkness and connecting with the earth!


b/sistersshoes said...'s today already and ....well, how'd you do??????????

Dying to know :) :) :) :)

xoxoxoxoxox dar

Shaz said...

Im with Dar....Howd you go are u ok
Talk to us !!!!!!!!!