Monday, October 23, 2006

Photo Story...

No words are required here... except to say that although Nath and I are very different, we are also very the *same*... and sometimes it surprises us how much we think alike. Bahahahahaha.
My girlfriend Kim took these photos... I am so thankful. Captures *US* perfectly. This is US!
If these photos offend.... WHAT THE???... this is the beautiful & fun stuff our life is made of.
We were at Dave & Di's to celebrate Jasmin's 4th birthday... I will post more about the princesses soon. I painted their faces like butterflies.... oiw, cute they were!


Bohemian Girl said...

oh i LOVE these!!!!!!

yummy you two.

Shaz said...

They are even better than you described Bx so so cute you both are.
To cute for words
xoxo sweet

Di said...

Love these pics of you and Nath. You make a beautiful couple!
Love Di :-)

Goddess of Leonie said...

oh that is HILARIOUS...

you guys are just *gorgeous*

big lurve and smooches (no tongue...

okay maybe a little tongue...

no... no tongue....)

l e o n i e

ceanandjen said...

These pictures sooo do not offend. They are absolutely beautiful, and capture a few wonderful moments in time. Thank you for sharing your moments.