Monday, October 02, 2006

Poolside, Beach and Night Zoo...

We spent the day by the pool today... Mikaela wore the boys out by insisting on being thrown about constantly. Well, actually they initiated it... and soon regretted doing so. Five year olds tend to have a LOT more energy than the average adult. Lucky there was the two of them. Tho in the end I did take pity and gave them a bit of a break by taking her down to the beach to fight the waves.

That night we went off to the Night Zoo and it was so much fun... a BBQ and bush dance thrown in for good measure. We had a great time. Mikaela made friends with one of the tour guide's daugher, Tiaina. They held hands the whole night. Very sweet.

Hope all is well with you and yours peeps.


Shaz said...

night zoo is Beautiful...
I want to see u jump Honey!!!!!!
Shaz xoxoxo
Glad ur having a great time

b/sistersshoes said...

This looks heavenly :)

Angels included

I miss you

Lee said...

hope you guys had a great holiday..

miss ya all!


Jodes said...

Just looks gorgeous up there, and that you are having a brilliant time. Woo Hoo.... thats a very sexy bikini you have it with the hat ;)
Cannot believe you caught the butterfly on film. MAGIC!
Enjoy and see you when you guys get back

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