Monday, October 02, 2006

The breathtaking Daintree Forest...

Was just spectacular... amazing. Brilliant and indeed... took my breath away on many occassions. Splendid.

Loving this holiday so much.
REALLY enjoying being in nature ALL day... well aside from an overtired 5 year old!
Kisses and hugs...


Shaz said...

So gorgeous sweet Im getting a little homesick looking at your pics (might be time for a visit I think)Enjoy honey!!!!
Are u going to jump...hehe
love Shaz xoxo

b/sistersshoes said...

Tooooo cute

cutie pie Mikaela

miss you a bunch


Leonie said...

oh these are such BEAUTIFUL photos bek... i so love that area... and being in nature all day, i totally hear ya, it grounds you and uplifts you like nothing else...

love you

Anonymous said...

Who is the fat, hairy, pasty-skinned bloke on the rock with the Aborigies?

Just wondering.

Love and spanks
Fat, hairy, pasty-skinned bloke

Anonymous said...

Who is the fat, hairy, pasty-skinned bloke who can't spell aborigines?

Eating 100 witchetty grubs for punishment…

Fat, hairy, pasty-skinned bloke
(who is using word to spell-check from now on!)

~Bek~ said...

Shaz.... sweets, no didnt jump, decided to save something for next time.

Dar... Miss you too sweets. SO MUCH. I will email soon. Kiss, kiss to you and big squeezy cuddle.

Leeeeones... WAS (as always) AMAZING... I feel fantastic for the break away... tho I may not by Sunday *gin*

Hahahahaha.... TUCK.
You are SO FUNNY.
It is *you*
YOU were the ONLY ONE who braved the cold water to such a degree.

TUCK aka Tom (Nath's bestie since they were about 4 years old)

Everyone "ooooooiiiiiwwwwwww"
YEP... VERY cute.