Monday, October 30, 2006

Putting my hands to clay after 20 years....

Is HUGE for me.
I have had this on my things to do list for years.
And it only occured to me last year (or maybe the year before)... just how many years it had been.
You see... 20 years ago I was selected to take part in the Gifted and Talented program at my high school, when I was 15 years old.
You were able to choose your own subject... I chose *art* ~ sculpture as my medium.

It took me about 16 weeks to create a {slightly larger than life} bust of ... owh gawd (keep in mind) I WAS 15, so ehm.... George Michael !! Big hair and all.

My teacher was terrific and very helpful... on the day we were to cast my creation I was so excited. I arrived in class and my teacher stood before me with tears running down her cheeks ... as she explained to me that my art piece had been accidently knocked over by a young student. It was destroyed.

I was heartbroken.
Not angry.
Resigned perhaps?
I knew there was nothing I could do about it.
The school photographer had taken some photos when I was about half way into the project... and I wrote an article for the year book.

CLEARLY.... I was shattered about this event for ages, years, almost 20years in fact!! But I realised this... a couple of years ago... and my lil sis Meeges bought me a book on getting into sculpting {bless her dear heart}. I realised that I must get back into sculpting. And I have... I am doing my course at last, but at least I am doing it, NOW, how sad if I had never got back into my pottery and sculpting??!! Ever!

It is certianly my aim to complete another bust... this time of my daughter! Oh what a lucky girl... at her 21st there will be a table FULL of scrapbooks AND a life size bust of her at age 6. Mmmmmmm, joy to be Mikaela !! With the slightly eccentric Mama! Oh the LOVE!

Oh....and THE OTHER saddest part to this story... Nath & I do NOT have a life size bust of George Michael (mid 80's) in our living room today and forever. Sad. Really sad.

So Monday nights between 7pm-10pm... you will find me getting all messy with clay... lost in my meditative creative art. And I am loving it SO MUCH!

One day I will do that arts degree... one day!



Goddess of Leonie said...

i am SO PROUD of you for getting back into it honey...

and maybe...
as heartwrenching as it was... it was destiny you know?

i mean... after the whole caught-in-the-loos incident... would that dreamy bust be so ambient?

d e s t i n y

and destiny for you to do it all over again... 20 years on...


~Bek~ said...

Leones.. I love you babes. Bx

b/sistersshoes said...

You will get that degree bek...

This brought back the funny memory in art class during college. I had a pottery semester and ended up making something that slightly resembled a penis. I never lived that one down.

Oh well, better G.M. :D

love you girly,
XXX Darlene

~Bek~ said...

Dar... I can just imagine you doing that!!

ceanandjen said...

Oh, this post made me want to cry and laugh all at the same time! How devastating to have worked on something for so long, and have that happen to fortuitous that it is not in your living room today..**wink, wink**. I truly hope that you have a wonderful time creating in your class; I am sure that whatever you make will be beautiful!


~Bek~ said...

Indeed. I am grinning now reading your comment.
The entire experience has the same impact on me... laugh and cry.
We are VERY fortunate not to have George starring at us each evening while we try to relax.
I am really loving my class... and beauty really is subjective (hahaha).