Friday, October 27, 2006

AEzine Challenge # 5...

AEZine volume one : issue five, Challenge: This week I want you to create something that celebrates your own creativity. Even if it is simply writing the statement "I am creative" and sticking it on your mirror that is excellent. If you want to take it a step further put together a layout titled "I am creative" and talk about how you feel about your level of creative confidence. This is not a layout you have to share if you don't want - but sometimes letting our fears out in the open is the first and best step in overcoming them.

Sunday morning... here is the layout, I edited some of this journalling out, but will leave it here :-)
My creative confidence makes me feel... home. Or rather, I am at home with my self confidence and my creative confidence is an extension of that, it is not separate.

When I am in my scrap haven... my space... I am lost in creating, designing and just being *ME*... hours can go by and I am as content as can be. Its such a great space to be in... Nath and I come home at lunch, and often I do a speedy layout during the hour... it is the best feeling - getting creative in my lunch break before returning to the day job *grin* And my camera... I'd be lost without it... I snap everything.

This year I have grown so much, in so many ways… I have really embraced *Me*… flaws and ALL. And I choose to focus a lot more on the ALL. I accept my flaws, those little pieces that although are not perfect, are as unique to me as my fingerprint. Over the years I have made much progress and change towards my self-critical attitude… I more the person I would have been had I grown in a nurturing, protective and supportive environment. I also realised that change and the quest for self-improvement lasts a lifetime! I decided to get happy and confident with *ME* NOW!! I have freed myself to be content and happy with my experiences and with the woman I have become. To be proud of overcoming the obstacles in my life… and the achievements I have made.

"Wherever you are is always the right place. There is never a need to fix anything, to hitch up the bootstraps of the soul and start at some higher place. Start right where you are."
-- Julia Cameron

This year… I feel that I have arrived at being *Me* I have given myself permission to be happy, it is a choice!

And part of being me… is being an "artist". I came to realise this year… that I AM an ARTIST. I began to embrace that concept… and to stop comparing myself to others. In my scrapping… in my photography… I just began to focus more on *ME* and my gifts.

I began my blog, and through my blog… I have made so many spiritual and creative connections, and they have certainly helped me with this journey {many, many thanks}...

I have also actively undertaken to *do* more and create more…
This year I have creatively achieved:
• Artists and studio days
• A "manifesto" of my dream… an oil and various mediums canvas collage
• A "dreamboard"… a collage of images of my dreams and desires on canvas
• Attending scrap booking workshops, which helped SO MUCH to free up my creativity.
• Attending PhotoAccess courses and beginning my Certificate in Creative Photography
• Attending courses at the Canberra Potters Society
• Scrapping challenges... so much fun, and a great way to free creative energy!!
• MORE scrapping... this year I have completed more than I have in the previous five combined!! Easy!

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. C.G. Jung

I have so many things to be grateful for and proud of… my art is my own and whether it is {in some way} similar, alike or different to anyone else’s it does not matter, and no longer impacts my work. I decided to change my focus and energy from trying to figure that stuff out… to simply embracing *Me* and applying my energy to my art.

All I do is celebrate my passion and creativity… I give myself permission to just BE and create. And let it happen.

I am excited about my creative confidence today... and what it holds for the year to come. Anything is possible.
At times I still feel vulnerable, as though my work is not good.... I ask my friends for approval.... I seek appreciation. I look at a piece of work I have completed, and I think to myself "What the hell was I thinking??" or "What a mess!!!" I do NOT destroy it... I put it aside and move onto my next piece of creation. I tell myself the same thing I tell my daughter... "Its not a mistake....its ART honey!"


Peace, Love and Creative Confidence.


Goddess of Leonie said...

oh YEAH babe... i love that... and i love what you said about how it doesn't matter if your art looks different or similar to anyone else's art : it's just uniquely you, and putting your energy where you are called... that's beautiful my friend!

blessed be honey...

kimmie said...

In years to come people will be quoting YOU on their blogs

Its art honey!
-Bek Geach

kisses to you

Shaz said...

Creative Sensative Soulful "YOU"
These words about yourself are all that I embrace way down deep in my Heart of Hearts about "YOU"
Blessed to call you my Friend.
To know you is to appreciate who you are good, bad, indifferent, artistic and warm, you do touch my life with a skill you dont even know you have, you warm my heart and my soul as well as others Im sure.
Sending You the Biggest of Hugs
(Smileing)at my soppy self
Believing in what ive said.

Grateful and thankfull for "YOU"

ceanandjen said...

Powerful, uplifiting and simply fabulous is what this is! I can almost feel your high! Keep creating! I love that you never thrown anything away, even if you are unsure of it once you finish. With a bit of time, and a fresh perspective, I'll bet that you will come back to those pieces and embrace their beauty.

Lovely take on the *ME*

b/sistersshoes said...

And ARE an artist

and you're a dreamer and I love that about you!

xo darlene

lee said...

Loved your words, so very true, you are a true artist.


kerry said...

your collages are amazing! i am really inspired by them! your art is really powerful.

Di said...

I have three words for you Bek ... "You Inspire me"

~Bek~ said...

Thanks to you all beautiful womyn.
SOmetimes all we need is a little encouragement.
You all made me smile a very big SMILE.

JRJ said...

Excellent! Great to see such confidence in oneself! Great layout too!