Thursday, October 12, 2006

Feeling so blessed, and slightly overwhelmed....

You know when you make a wish or a statement to the universe?
And then it comes into reality.
Only it is WAY better than you ever dreamed of.
Well.... that is where I am right now!!
I work as a consultant.
Two years ago... I wished to be the Documentation Manager... of not just a Section (as I am now), but the entire IT Branch! {Yes I am a nerdy geek}
I went and did some contract work in project management.. elsewhere.
Then I returned.
This week I was offered the DM's position for the entire DEPARTMENT !!!!
As a Consultant, long term....
WHat the??
Holy COW peeps.
This is HUGE.
And a bit scary.
I am always up for a challenge... and this one I am really looking forward to. I am excited.

And the peeps I am working with.... OH MY LORDY.
Check them out: Web Designers (I LOVE their work) and Universal Content Managment. I am totally pinching myself!! And walking about with a silly grin.

What an intense couple of weeks I have had.
Since the job offer I have become very quiet... and withdrawn. Those who know me well... know this does NOT happen often *grin* !
Just thinkin'

Love and Peace... and here's to dreams coming true.


Shaz said...

WooHoo congratulations, my sweet Bek how proud I am of you
Im surprised it took them 2 years (wankers,Giggle)I believe you will achieve all your dreams because you deserve it.
Love hugs and xoxox

b/sistersshoes said...

Oh Yea..Oh's your birthday...have a party...Oh Yea


How PROUD are YOU!!!!!!!! :D

So So happy that the promotion Angels visited YOU...that, and all the hard work you do, that they are RECOGNIZING

Congratulations bek
Let's celebrate!

love you toots
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Dar

~Bek~ said...

Shaz... thanks sweets.
Dar... Um... I am actually SHIT scared right now to be entirely honest about it all!
Oh well.
Such is life... and since I didnt take the bungy jump on holidays... well.
Think I will take it here and now.
Love you both.

Goddess of Leonie said...

congratulations beautiful...

you deserve the WORLD


love you

Susannah said...

congratulations!!!!! you can do it - and they know you can do it cos they gave you the job - yee ha, girlfriend! wish i was there to share a celebratory bottle (or 3) of wine with you :-) x

~Bek~ said...

Leonie... thanks gorgee girl... cant wait to see you on Sunday. Yah Yah.
Susannah... Oiw yes please and my girl Jodes would join us too... SO much fun.
I am feeling a bit calmer about it all today.
I hope all you angels have perfect days ahead of you.
Much love to you all...

Di Turner said...

How fantastic is that!!!! You deserve it - my talented friend.
Life is beautiful.
Congratulations (have i spelt it right?)
Love DI :-)