Friday, October 13, 2006

AE Challenge # 3...

Here is my first attempt at one of Ali's challenges.

This week your challenge is to create a layout that tells the story of your relationship with photos and/or your camera. Consider the following questions:
What is your personal photo-taking process? What are your strengths in regards to taking photos?What do you want to change about your process? Which photos that you have taken are your favorites? Why? What makes those photos your favorite?

These are my responses:

What is your personal photo-taking process?
I take a LOT of photos… my sisters’ call me the paparazzi. I don’t mind that title. I know that if I take a few hundred photos of a weekend… that I am going to get a couple of really special ones. I often receive compliments and appreciation from others because I have captured a moment that means so much to them also. My personal photo-taking process is not just about me. I try to capture moments I know my family and friends will treasure too.

What are your strengths in regards to taking photos?
I am passionate about taking photos. I think I am good with light and design…. I feel like I am always looking through my lens, even when I don’t have my camera with me. Portraiture is most important to me. I also believe that just taking the photos is a strength... being able to capture a moment when you know people would rather you put the camera away… its hard sometimes and you need to be mindful of when it is getting a bit much. Often people are conditioned to be modest and having their photo constantly taken is a challenge to them. But when you hand over a mini-album, or show a page in your album. Well then it is all worthwhile.

What do you want to change about your process?
I want to get to know my camera better. I want to understand how to use it manually… to be able to take brilliant night photos. Or movement photos. I am beginning my first course in a Certificate in Creative Photography on 21 October 2006…. I am really excited about it.

Which photos that you have taken are your favourites? Why?
Mainly portraitures…. I love them. I love the faces of my loved ones. I love the lighting. I love the fact that we will have these photos for always… to be able to really see what they looked like.

I love challenges. FUN STUFF indeed. I want to go back and do Ali's other two challenges also. But TIME peeps... I have a few other little treasure projects I am *busy* with at the moment (LOVING them and will share soon).

I am not entirely sure how I feel about this layout... it is rather busy... but it grows on you. Just like {me} *grin*...



Leonie said...

i sooo dig that you dreamed this into your life...
you rock my photographer friend...

and i HEAR YOU about the special project treasures... we so rocking with our magnificent creations :)

b/sistersshoes said...

This is so fabulous captured the project...can't wait to see more!

love u more

Shaz said...

Its gorgeous Bek,I love how u put everything together its just how u feel in that particular space of time and it cant be anything else but beautiful because its your heart,your inspiration your one talented bear.
Love shazz xoxo

b/sistersshoes said...

Ooooo love your new banner!!!!

F A B U L O U S darling!!!