Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mini-Album for Kyle and Jas...

I had so much fun creating this gift for Kylie and Jason... the MONT 24 experience. The journalling is all Jas. I took it over to them this afternoon... hehehehe JOY !!

YUMMY GIFT GIVING.... I love it.
A couple of the pics are a bit blurryyyyyyy... oh well. Kyles is going to scan it for me anyways, so that is good.
Happy Saturday peeps.
Love and Peace


b/sistersshoes said...

bek ~ this is a priceless gift, one that will be treasured forever.

What a wonderful friend you are!

It is beautiful and rustic, something they will be proud to show off. You captured the moment. I only hope you are able to make one for yourself...if you have any energy left ;-)

love you sweet friend, I will be emailing soon.


Goddess of Leonie said...

oh darling,
that is SO beautiful...
i read jas' story all the way through, it was such an awesome read, and so inspiring...

LOVE this album
LOVE that pic of you creating...
simply must have studio time with you sooooon....

how cool would it be to have studio time with you and me and dars????


Di Turner said...

Fabulous album. Must of taken ages to do. You are the scrappin Queen.
Luv Di :-)

Shaz said...

Inspirational........So Kewl Bek, Ive never scrapped but always wanted to im so much closer to getting it together as i see your work." Love It "
Shaz xoxo

~Bek~ said...

Dar... I am planning to make one for myself too *grin* I have a few others on the go at the moment... and will share those soon too.

Leonie... YES, MUST!! Studio time with you, me and Dar... stuff that dreams are made of *wishing*

Di... *YOU* are the scrapping queen, not I. It took me about 10hours all up... over a week. The journalling I pasted into InDesign to custom size the boxes. I have copied your "PalmCove" idea too... about half way through that project. Will share soon.

Shaz.. Thanks babes. You know I can help you get started when *I VISIT YOU SOON* Joy, joy, joy!! This is SO hypocritical for me to say.... you dont NEED to buy a LOT to scrap.

Oh my... I know all my scrappin sisters will be kakking themselves with that statement *smile*

Thanks lovlies.
Have beautiful days...

Susannah said...

what a beautiful gift... and what a beautiful gift of a friend you are, lovely one.

when i get married (see how positive that was??) will you scrapbook the occasion for me? cos obviously you'll be invited :-)

hugs to you, and M and N

~Bek~ said...

Oh Susannah... blessed are *you*. Of course beautiful woman.
Of course!!
Love and hugs to you bellisima.

Bohemian Girl said...

creative you...

i love the picture of you in the midst of your creating. beautiful.


~Bek~ said...

Thanks Deni.
It is *my* favourite space to be in.
Just *BEING* creating, designing... relaxing and enjoying.