Wednesday, October 18, 2006

AE Challenge # 4...

Pieces of me...
OR rather... pieces of my face!
A Self Portrait Collage...
You know what I love the most about summer?
{I love freckles... aka freakles}
They remind me of my youth... running about afterschool in the sun, on the beach with my siblings.
Summer joy.
It is almost here... yah !!

Edit: This is rather coincidental... just got Ali's latest newsletter AEZine v1, i4.... and this weeks challenge... IS - yep photo gathering. I think, peeps.. I have done just that!


poet said...

what a beautiful smile. i wish i had teeth like yours. well, i may when i get to the dentist and get the old ones hauled out and a plate of new ones in the bottom. i envy people with such a lovely smile. it is actually the first thing i notice about anyone i see. guess that means i have a thing for teeth.
take care and i hope the weather gets good for you soon.

Shaz said...

Well gorgeous gal, How Beautiful you are...Inside and Out. I bet nath got a bit hot and bothered looking into those soulfull eyes and your blinding smile of Love. He must have noticed that look in your eye cheeky girl. Have a wonderful day sweets. Thankyou for giving me strength today. I Love You. Shazz xoxox

Di said...

Hey Bek Beautiful skin - no wrinkles. I took some pics the other day of myself and ended up deleting them as I had a lot more wrinkles than what I thought (ughhh!!!) Oh to be young like you!!! Love the collage... you must have ESP.

b/sistersshoes said...

This is cool, but also a beautiful rendition of you! ~*~

love you a ton

dar :D xxxxxxxxx

~Bek~ said...

Poet... thank you. I think my smile is my best feature ;-) Thankfully I have my Dad's teeth... its a good thing, although I did have a HUGE gap between my two front teeth for YEARS.

Shaz... you cheeky monkey.. you only KNOW that because I told you, nice to chat with you {as always} and giggle.

Di... I assure you I have tonnes of wrinkles. It is all about lighting and the angle, trust me. I will take some snaps of you on Sunday and you will see what I mean.

Though... you CAN always photoshop wrinkles away you know!! Ha... cheating.

In these particular shots I didnt need to ... but the front on ones WHOA delete, delete, delete.


Love, sunshine, dragon fly's and rainbows to you all today!

~Bek~ said...

Oh Dar.. you must have been posting as I was.
Thanks babes.
You are a sweetie.
I have to phone you soon... I *MUST* speak with you.
(((LOVE and hugs)))

Bohemian Girl said...

i love your word "freakles". you come up with the cutest and coolest phrases my dear.

gorgeous Bek collage here. love all your bits.


~Bek~ said...

Deni love.
Thanks sweets...
Mikaela came up with a kewl made up word.. "Schnibbit"... I dont even know what it means??
But she was saying it all the time on our holidays. Now six adults say it too.
Funneee stuff.
Mwah.. big one for *you* doll.

Goddess of Leonie said...



Goddess of Leonie said...

ha ha ha......

you look very alllluring in these pics bek... verrrrrrrrrry alllllurrrrrrrring.... mmmmmmm.... yesssssssssssss......

*gigglesnorting my way to town this morning*



~Bek~ said...

well yeah.
I know.
Cause *I* told you!
And Shaz.
Me and my big mouth!

For all you other peeps... it has something to do with my guy finding me, well you know, hot and sexi....(I am shaking my head here)... anyways I am not telling ALL.. so you will just have to use your imaginations.
Love and Peace

Leonie said...


hot like TIGER.