Friday, March 30, 2007

Cutiest T-shirt in the world...

Is it not?
My dear and darling friend Kyles gave me this as a gift today.
I, of course, in all my pregnancy hormon-alness ~bawled ~ well not bawled, but I did have a fair teary.

Its just so CUTE I couldnt help it !!!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH Kyle... for such a seriously gorgeous and thoughtful gift... and for simply being one of the best gal pals anyone could ask for! I love you much!

I am blessed.

That is for sure!

So here I am at 15 weeks... we had a checkup today ... all is good. Pretty sure I felt a *flutter* today... so anytime now I will be feeling the babe move a LOT more. Thats my favourite part of the pregnancy.

Tonight we are off to Cirque du Soleil which is sure to be an amazing experience... its a first for all three of us, Nath, Mikaela and I have never been before. We are SO SUPER excited!!

Happy Friday... and have a GREAT weekend loves...


Darlene said...

~*~ bek ~*~

YOU look adorable!!! I can't imagine how excited everyone is in your house. Love you and miss you here's a big (((hug))) and a few (((xxx))) for you. Please do share more pictures of your baby bump :)

oxxo Dar

Goddess of Leonie said...

oh honey,
that is just beautiful. beautiful beautiful. splendid gorgeous.
*big grin*
love and light to you and your beautiful burgeoning belly & family ~

la vie en rose said...


Patty S said...

sooooo cute!
i've never seen a shirt like this - it's adorable! glad your pregnancy is going well :-) patty

Shaz said...


You look beautiful.........
I am so doing a little jig while on my matress.
The shirt is so so cute!!!! but you my darling girl look amazing, your hair is so long your bump is so cute and well....your smile melts my heart.
Woops here we go tears, Dammit, flowing, I cant see what I am typing 2948xdnaksj
Here I am hankee on hand sniffling up a storm.
I love you sisster and miss you to much for words. xoxox

Angela Marie said...

Look at YOU all a glow and so happy!

I will never forget the first flutter... and kick!

hugs to you

Turner Family said...

That is the cutest shirt - and cutest mummy-to-be!
Hope you all enjoyed Varakei as much as we did, the girls were clapping with excitement, and have asked to go again!