Friday, March 16, 2007

EAJC #9, Inspiration Found...

Emily's Art Journal Challenge # 9 was about Inspiration Found...

This one I really enjoyed... I am inspired by SO MANY things in my life, mainly the everday... mainly people I KNOW and love, Nath and Mikaela, my family, my sisters.

Magazines like RIOT (rocks), art blogs... colours, shapes. Sabrina. Keri. SARK. Julia Cameron. ** Beautiful Friends. Womens Circles. Emily and Celine. Challenges. The list is endless... seriously!

One of the biggest inspirations for me the past few years has been Ali Edwards. To me she is the ROCKSTAR of the scrapping world.

Lots of scrapping artists do... dont get me wrong. Its just that Ali really stands out for me as one who is ever inspiring... ever evolving... ever growing AND ever ENCOURAGING the same in others! And THAT is what I love so much about the inspiration she evokes in me.
Journalling on the back:
Ali Edwards is so inspiring to me. I first attended one of her classes in August 2006. I had been a fan for a while and reading her blog for almost a year. Her slide show (and song, BOOM BOOM BOOM) gave me goose bumps and THAT is when I decided Ali was the *rockstar* of scrapping. And oh so down to earth too !!

** All of these I first discovered via Ali and her blog too! Infact my entire blogging experience and connections all began with, well me of course, but mainly via inspiration and recommendations, and links from Ali ! Wowsers.

I kinda cringe when I see this photo of myself... JUST SO EXCITED.
Its cute really!
And gave my little sister Leanne a good lauf!!

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