Friday, March 16, 2007

EAJC #10, Note to Self...

Emily's Art Journal Challenge #10 is NOTE TO SELF... I could say again "I really loved this one"... who am I kidding I LOVE THEM ALL!

I wish I didnt compare so much of this pregnancy to the experience I had with Mikaela *smile*
Journalling on the back:
Both pregnancies are unique and beautiful in the own right for two unique and beautiful SOULS.
The weight --> your body is not inportant to your health and that of the baby.

SO WHAT if you are SO MUCH larger than you were with Mikaela - Get over it - allow yourself to have another Amazing and wonderful labour experience. YAH!

I love this reminder card... about what really matters

A dear friend of mine {the Jodes} said "ah dont worry about it hun, you know your body is not your own for about 2 years"
Kyles says longer *grin*

Its all good.


Emily Falconbridge said...

oh my gosh, you cards are SO COOL! there is so much love and spunk and fun in them all...loved seeing them, thanks so much for sharing and can't wait to see you at kiwiscraps! bring your cards so i can see IRL!

judith said...

Your card is very cool!! And the journaling couldn't be more true, enjoy this pregnancy!

Je@net said...

Yuo've made great cards!! Love them all!!

Roos said...

what a great blog do you have and love your cards .

greets from Roos

Marjolein said...

Oh my....your cards are just wonderful, what a great work! Love them all:-) I like your whole blog btw.... oh,congrats on your pregnancy!!! Enjoy!!!

~ mich ~ said...

You are just so beautiful ... I love watching you blossom! Remember that the body has a memory, so its very easy for it to remember your pregnant form, and even easier for it to flow into it ... embrace it mama Bek ... shine!

Latharia said...

Oh, what a wonderful reminder to yourself!!! So pretty!

Angela Marie said...

Your with child!! This is wonderful! Savor every minute of this time you are so blessed with! I loved being pregnant!

Thank you so much for leaving such a beautiful comment and for all the encouragment! I am just having a time with this!

bunches of hugs to you

Moo said...

OMG you are pregnant!!!! Wow you look great and still so god damn creative...I wish you so much of EVERYTHING! Your creativity is my inspiration, to me you're my Ali.

valerie said...

cool card love the writing

Darlene said...

Hello my love...yesterday on the phone Angela said, "did you know that bek is pregnant?"
my response was, "My Bek?"

Oh Honey, I congradulate you and ask you to forgive my out of hands have been full....but not as full as your will be soon ;)

sending you a bunch of love and an email will be coming your way soon!

love you a bunch
xoxo Darlene

Gigi said...

this is so gorgeous!!! & such great advice you have given yourself! so yes...take it easy & enjoy! this is such a special time...& such a special blessing..i'm sure you are radiant!! & congrats!!!!!!!!!!