Friday, March 16, 2007

EAJC #8, I miss...

Em's Art Journal Challenge this week is I MISS.

I totally miss breast feeding. Oh I LOVE breastfeeding SO MUCH. The little hand, the little teeny tiny baby... the connection, the LOVE. THE LOVE!
A side note to this: a most authentic Goddess I know and I were talking one day about what sort of photos she could take of me... what sort of Goddess do I consider myself to be?

My response, Breast Feeding Goddess, I have never felt MORE of a Goddess than when I breastfeed.

Journalling on the back is:
I loved breastfeeding Mikaela. It was the most wonderful and remarkable spiritual connection I have ever felt in my life. I loved how she grunted until she latched on... how her little hand caressed my breats, and when she got bigger, my face. I loved how she got "booby drunk" after a feed.. in a total state of bliss and contentment. I lvoed the ease of breastfeeding, the ability to feed my child anywhere at anytime. I loved the WHOLE breastfeeding experience & cant wait to do it again!

PS... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jodes for taking these photos for me *thanks babes*


Jodes said...

You're just having a posting frenzy aren't you :)?
Absolutely my pleasure in taking those shots of you and Mikaela, I only had to think of all those momemts with Jake that I wish had been captured.

Annette said...

Lovely lovely card. Wish my daughter had been as obliging :) xx