Friday, March 09, 2007

A little Scrapping Exhibition...

Last Saturday there was a snippet in the local paper about a scrapbooking exhibition/competition. The Best of Canberra... scrap a layout onto a canvas based on the things you loved the most about Canberra.

Even tho I didn't have very much time (about 3 days to get the project thought out and completed), it was an interesting challenge and I'd give it a go. Asides... its a SIGN. I saw it and therefore I must follow this path before me... like the Celestine Prophecies, The Secret... yadda yadda {you know what I mean *grin*}

Tuesday I got the canvas's and I submitted them this morning.

Here are the two I did, as that is all I had time for:

The exhibition is being held in Block F of the CIT Reid Campas, if you are local... go check it out!

Cass and Matt (Nath's sister and hubs) are arriving tonight for the weekend... JOY JOY!!

BTW... I am going to share a secret sooooooonnnn *grin* Shaz will be SO RELIEVED!!! I'll tell ALL shortly! See if you can GUESS... also a perfect opportunity for any one wanting to "delurk" *smile*

Have beautiful weekend lovelies....



Shaz said...

Oh honey so beautiful as always.
I am grinning and am being such a good girl.(wink)

I am fine gorgeous and how could I whinge when I am on the phone to you??
When we speak my heart is filled with warmth and love and my ears ringing with both of our laughter.
"Short term goals" so a wise and beautiful woman once said (half size sneaky grin)

Love You Huge xoxox

Jodes said...

Time to let the cat out of the bag gorgeous :)

magicaldamselfly said...

Am I sensing a baby Aussie on the horizon?

I totally love your layouts of course when you do ones of Mikaela I always like them as she is an absolute doll.