Friday, March 16, 2007

EAJC week 6...

It is a beautiful rainy day here. Which, for me = scrapping/artists day! Whoohoooo.

I love getting creative when its raining.... it is perfect.

I have a number of Emily's challenges to share, which I have done but not posted...naughty, naughty! Although, you may appreciate by the journalling... that I could not really post them until we announced our pregnancy.

I have about 5 to post and I will post them individually for the sake of organisation, or my attempt thereof. So lots of posts for today *smile*Emily's Art Journal Challenge for week 6 {Sunday 11 Feb} was LOVE LOVE LOVE:
The journalling on the back is:
Its hard to fathom that this valentines will only be Nath's and mine second one together and we are having a baby!!! We are delighted and excited and feeling so inlove and blessed to have found each other - our true soul mate!

These challenges are so much fun... and really great to be doing when I am pregnant and there are so many exciting things happening for us in 2007. It will be a big year and this "pack of cards" will be a wonderful keepsake for years to come...

Thanks Em for such a gift.
You rock!

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Gigi said...

love this! & you are so right...i'm sure you will treasure looking at this years from now knowing that your little babe was safely tucked near your heart...such an inspiration & soooooo very cool!