Thursday, March 15, 2007

This beautiful young lady...

Is my sister Katrina (affectionately referred to as Katie)... she was there the moment Mikaela was born. They have a remarkable connection and they are very devoted to each other.

At the tender age of 19 Katie had the poise of someone much older, she was very much a part of my pregnancy, birthing and new Mum experience. She was the only one who could come anywhere near me during a contraction.

Since she found out about the arrival of another niece or nephew.... she is moving back to Canberra. I can NOT tell you how delighted I am. I know the babe is not the only reason she is moving back, but it is a major factor.

Although there are 11 years between us, Katrina is one of my closest friends and we can always rely on each other. Age is no barrier for our heart and soul connections.

Nath and I cant wait for her to arrive and stay with us for a while {and house sit when we are in Europe for a month} She brings with her warmth and tenderness... {tho she is really bad at choosing age appropriate gifts... and that is another post entirely *grin}
We are blessed.


Jodes said...

Katie's gorgeous (as are all you girls)
I'm excited for you all

Wanda said...

Bek: Every word, and every picture in this post is SO ALIVE! They jumped off the page at me, but one pulled me in.....Breastfeeding. Oh how I loved breastfeeding my four children. You described it so beautifully. We lived by the ocean when my youngest was born, and I would take the older children to school, and then I would take Jill and sit on the beach, hold her under my sweatshirt, and nurse her. What a sweet time of bonding that was.
Yeah! for Breastfeeding!