Thursday, March 22, 2007

First Day Riding to School....

Oh... I did get a little choked up... she is SO BIG. I can NOT believe she is THIS big.

How excited was she?? Well - very!
I ran a bit of the way beside her, but she took off a few times. I had to ask her to wait for me! Fun stuff indeed.
There were only a couple of "incidents"... of course they were the fault of the bike... and Mikaela let the bike know all about it!!

Mikaela's school is about 3kms from our home... so not far, took us about 20mins across some pretty major roads etc. We visited Nath quickly as his office is the street besides Kaela's school.

I have promised she can ride her bike every Thursday and Friday morning (which is when she is with us on school days)... it will be good for her (and me and baby).

I had imagined her riding her bike to school NEXT year {I would push our babe in the pram or take him/her in a carry sling}...

However... she is ready NOW... so we do it now!

My little girl is not so little anymore *grin* and a bit of a sad sigh...


Wanda said...

Oh My, what absolutely delightful pictures of Mikaela! What an exciting time riding a bike. I remember the first time without training wheels! Yahoo! I love it was the bike's fault...Of course, what else!
I'm looking at the pictures again, and can't stop smiling!

Shaz said...

NOW I can just imagine, smile.
I think shes grown taller since xmas???
Where is the full view of you mummy? I want to hug and kiss your belly.
Mmmmm........Am I super weird???

Guess what, I dont care.

Good riding Mikaela, well done I cant believe you are such a big girl now.
Love to you sweetness and a big hug and so many kisses you will be telling mum please make her stop.

Moo said...

Very cool what a milestone eh!

Angela Marie said...

Ahhh... how sweet is this?!!


Sweetie, savor every second of this time with your little one. It does go by very fast!

Gigi said...

ADORABLE!!! such a big moment for such a little girl! enjoy!!!

Turner Family said...

How big is she getting!!! Love the Pic of her telling her bike off - just priceless!