Sunday, March 25, 2007

Flex # 3, Old, New, Sparkly, Blue...

Patty really came up with a great one this week, Old, New, Sparkly and Blue!

THIS one I LOVED... mainly because of the subject... and the challenge fit perfectly with it.

Here is my layout:
My supplies:

Old - the negative frames, M apoxy sticker and square making memories jewel brads... I have had all of these for ages.

New... the large frame around the main photo I picked up from the photographers when I collected these photos.

Sparkly... glitter paint on the large frame, Hiedi Swapp blue jewels, square making memories jewel brads and 3 orange jewels.

Blue... background.

The story behind the layout is that I had cleaned out my make up supplies and given the excess to Mikaela for dress ups. When she saw the BRIGHT pink eye shadow she excitidly exclaimed "Oh Mum, now I can be a rockstar"!! And so that is what we did for a few hours, I did her make-up, Kaela got up on top of the dinning table (so naughty *wink*) and grooved away with her guitar AND we had a rockstar photo shoot too. It was a lot of fun.



Lis said...

Awesome layout!!
Love your flex 1 and 2 as well :)

Patty S said...

i LOVE this! it looks like she's on a stage! and what a great close-up of the makeup artistry! thanks for playing along! patty :-)

Turner Family said...

How cool!!! Love the layout.

Angela Marie said...

This is so sweet! She will look at this and remember what a rock-n-roll time you two had!

You rock! I can see that she had a good time! :)