Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A weekend of...

Friday... Nath's parents arrived.
Saturday... I drove down to the coast by myself {I love long drives alone}... attended an EFT workshop with Maggie Adkins.

It was great. I practiced on Mikaela early Monday morning... and it worked brilliantly. Cant wait to do Levels 2 & 3. My lovely friend Vanessa introduced me to EFT. Thanks V x. During one of breaks we did a photo session.. this is one of the many shots I took of her. She is so gorgeous!

That evening when I got home Nath and I went to his parents hotel and had dinner with them there... before walking into the city for tea, coffee and cake. We exchaged our travel photos... Jean and Dusan had been to America and Europe in March/April of this year... and Nath and I went to Thailand over Christmas/New Year, while Mikaela was in Europe with her Dad {I can not believe its already 7 months ago now!! and I am NO WHERE near getting our albums done}

Sunday... a sleep in *grin* pottered about at home for a bit before Nath's parents came over. Nath and Dusan went out to the Wig & Pen. While Jean and I went to do some crafty shopping and pedicures before going to collect Mikaela. Back home and more hangin'.

Maree and Lily arrived in the late afternoon..... and Lily is JUST SO CUTE.

And, mmm, I cant be sure, but I think Nath is getting a *little* clucky. So sweet.

We had a lovely roast. But a bit of a hectic experience for me as my little girl was totally excited, very overtired and got herself into a bit of a state.

We woke VERY early to get Maree to the airport. Was so great to see them again, even if only briefly.

Jean and Dusan came over for dinner last night... simple pasta and porteguese tarts... yum! A quiet evening compared to the previous. At the end of the evening it was sad to say goodbye. It would be so nice if we lived closer. They are lovely peeps. And I know Nath realises he is very blessed to have them.

And today... lots of beautiful email banter with the lovely Leoni, Kyle, Jodes and Kimbo.
So all busy, busy... and lots of love.
Peace and Joy angels.


b/sistersshoes said...

I L O V E bath time baby pictures!

You can see Mikaela's cute little toes on the baby's tummy...adorable:)

This looks like a lot of love was shared over your weekend.... good for you and Nath!

love to you xxx darlene

Bek said...

Thanks sweets.
It was a busy but lovely weekend!
Mikaela is VERY keen for a sibling... but then when Nath was hugging Lily... not so SURE then *grin*

Bek said...

BTW Dar....
You gave me a teary at how you noticed Kaela's toes on Lily's belly.

You are so sweetly observant and thoughtful!

THAT is my favourite photo for that very reason.!