Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A new financial year...

Can you tell I am shacked up with an accountant? *grin* How is it that we are half way through 2006... already.

Things I am grateful for today (especially):

  • My little girl - who told me this morning she loves me like a Big Big Rainbow. BLESS.
  • My darling guy who says to me "As the Beatles said All you need is love…Love is all you need"
  • I have a scrap haven... a room, my room... in which I can escape to (but not too often or my guy feels neglected).
  • That my guy feels neglected if I scrap all hours and ignore him... *smile*... I am not so grateful at the time (its always when my "save the world" with this piece of ART - creative inspiration has hit) ... but afterwards, and with some thought as to how I would feel if he did NOT (shock horror) miss me... hmm. Very grateful.
  • Seeing the beauty, the good... the wonder in every day life. Today.
  • Emails from Kylie, Stella, Naomi and Leoni - having great friends that make you smile and laugh all the time.
  • Ali - so talented - so inspiring - so cant wait to meet her!! SO love her post today! Gave me goose bumps and made me grin my head off (tis possible, trust me!)
  • Kaela spending time with her Dad (so very important)... and enables -
  • Nath and I having some US TIME and going out for Indian!
  • Watching an episode of "Love My Way" while doing our ironing.
So that about sums up my day today.
I am a lucky, lucky woman... no doubt about it.
OH and YESTERDAY..... my car - parked in the two hour car park for about 7 hours - no ticket! Amazing!
No - more like Karma for the 10s of tickets I have received for being 5 minutes over.... but still peeps - a blessing just the same *grin*....
Gotta run... time for dinner.
Bless. Peace. Love.


Bohemian Girl said...

beautiful goodies to be thankful for...xoxo

Anonymous said...

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