Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just had to share this....

My reason to believe {and proof} that there is mainly good in this world...
I will find it awfully hard to be without her over the next few days.
And miss my cuddles and kisses from her and Nath.
But I will have my Dad and sisters to give and receive them instead.



b/sistersshoes said...

I'm so so sorry for the circumstances in which you must leave :(

I will be praying for you and looking for your return...

peace to you, my love


Goddess of Leonie said...

sweet gal,
what a beautiful photo, so much soul in your girl...
loving you ~
and your loving family both in queensland and here surrounds you and is thinking of you.


shazz said...

Hey bec,shes as beautiful as you said,no surprise.

Cheers my newest friend.
XOXO to Good Hearts.

Bek said...

Dar...thanks for your beautiful words and thoughts.

Leonie... sweets I know you KNOW what I am feeling. Thanks babes.

Shazz...thank you my newest goddess friend. Please send me an email.

Love to you all.