Thursday, July 13, 2006


As promised... a few photos and a run down of our weekend away... We stayed at the Sir Stampford in Double Bay... G O R G E O U S **

Saturday arrived in Sydney in the late afternoon. Got a pedicure {which cost a mint and took forever.. but moi toes looked pretty}! My sisters (Lee and Katie) came to the hotel to get ready.....
but Katie had to nick off to join us again later {such a 23 year old...busy busy} !!

We met Mossy, Nina, Phil and Ingrid at James Squire on the waters amazing place to be. I sat outside... overlooking Sydney Harbour.... chatting with my sister Lee. It was spectacular... a really beautiful sight. We had a few drinks there and watched {well I didnt really.... I talked} the footy. Before heading off to dinner.... at Kingsleys Steakhouse... and it was delicious! The steak was amazing... and the red wine very nice. The view was even more spectacular than at the bar... A good evening... with a party of about 14 peeps... the four sisters, partners and some friends. We had a fun night... after dinner we went onto the The Loft for a drink (lovely interior) ...

Sunday..... walk down to Double Bay...

where my guy took this photo of me {he is a fine photographer}

A bitta shopping and brunch at a local cafe.

To the SCG ....where Adelaide slaughtered the Swans.... oiw yeah!

SUCH FUN watching a live game... 36,000 peeps going off. A great VIBE... AFL really is a magic game.

That night my little sis {Lee} made us a Sunday Roast...
which was amazing. Thanks Beautiful Woman!

Monday - took Nath's car in for a service. And got a lovely replacement car to cruise about in for the day. Then on for, shopping and more shopping @ Bondi Junction. Nath got himself some new shirts.... all very nice for a new Partner!!

The thing I love the most about our weekends to the drive....3 hours ... chatting and being... together.

We got back to Canberra late afternoon.... eager to see Mikaela. When she saw us she mearly looked up and smiled. Then continued with her drawing and colouring in. Thats my Girl !

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. Peaceful, content and serene.

Edit: Now that I have only just got around to posting LAST weekends events... another weekend is almost upon us!! Nath's parents arrive tonight from Adelaide for the weekend... I have an Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT conference on Saturday, which is sure to be an experience.

And I have had some powerful experiences with a few amazing women this week... really big exciting stuff for sure. I am just marinating in my grattitude... for me and them. I will post soon.

Oh... and Kyles is up in Cairns.. (Far North QLD). Naturally she found a little gallery (and bought a painting)... you can see the work here... really BEAUTIFUL - they are embellished with jewels and the eyes have big beautiful eyelashes extending from the canvas... sweet. Cant wait to see.


**Also a sad reminder of a terrible and tragic loss... {though indeed VERY Rock Star-esque}


b/sistersshoes said...

Geez...this all looks like the BEST time EVER!!!

What an adorable group: happy, fun-loving, beautiful, bonded...lalala

And sporting events are C-R-A-Z-Y with atmosphere...good times!

I love how you said that after all that busy fun, your favorite part was the 3 hour drive...mine too! I love the discussions and the intimate subjects that get brought up, holding hands, gazing over and feeling lucky to be with him, laughing, nibbling on munchies, and telling him how to drive (not HIS favorite part).

I want to go with next time, you look like such a F-U-N person to hang with....some day....*sigh*

right now I'm hugging you and giving you a big kiss right on your rosey cheek *smack*

xxx dar

Bohemian Girl said...

fun pics
yummy trip
fabulous friends

what could be better???

glad you had fun!!!


Bek said... can come hang with us *ANYTIME*. Perhaps one day we will. Funds willing, we'd love to come over to the U S of A.

Deni...Thanks sweets. I, like you, am so very fortunate to have my sisters as my friends also. A blessing I am most grateful for... three besties.

Love to you both and thanks for your sweet comments.


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