Monday, July 03, 2006

SHE is pregnant....

Ms Clare Bowditch.
So so sweet this woman. And her back up vocalist (Libby Chow) is also. Both of them. How cute!

But first I will give you a brief run down of the evening:
Di had two friends, Eileen and Steph... who didnt actually have tickets. So while Di and I sat inside all warm drinking beer and eating yummy antipasta (and being asked by a hundred peeps "are these chairs taken").... Eileen and Steph stood outside in the freezing bloody cold hoping to get tickets.

By the time Dan Kelly was 10 minutes into his set... it was pretty obvious that it was a full house... and most the peeps waiting outside were not going to get in. Nah Uh... not the girls we are holding chairs for!!! So I went to speak with the hottie at the door..... and I got Eileen and Steph inside. Whoo Hoooo. SO happy about that for two reasons:

  1. the girls got inside outta the cold and enjoy Clare (and not freeze their butts for over an hour for NOTHING)!
  2. I still got it !!! Yep I do. Ah it is the simple things in life hey!
So anywhoooo.... when it came time to sing "On This Side"... and the boyz in the band left the stage.

Clare annonced that she and Libby would do a magic trick! She explained that although it appeared there were only two of them on stage.
There was in fact four.
"One in there and one in here" she said pointing to each of their belly's.
So so so sweet.
Everyone Cheered and Yahhoooooed of course.

Such a beautiful night.

So I had a chat with Clare after the show. And we got a (really bad) photo taken together.
She remembered Mikaela... but of course *grin*
And naturally I congratulated her on her pregnancy... SO KEWL !


Bohemian Girl said...

yay for swelling bellies!!!

Bek said...

I need to send you her CD... and then you will KNOW what I mean!

Anonymous said...

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