Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pizza and Friends....

We had Dave, Di, Jasmin and Eliza... And Dal, Mikey and James (plus still in Mum's tum - almost due to arrive, Mia) over for dinner last night. I made (way to many) gourmet pizza's...

It was a most enjoyable night just catching up... with a house full of children and laughter.
I have known these friends for some 10 years and it is lovely to walk this journey of our lives together.

Nath bonded with Dave via his light saber... very cute little Star Wars nerds are they!! (Kyles is too). Funny.

Gives me the feeling of being grateful and blessed once again.
Life is simple really. And I like that very much.... life's simple pleasures. Like two little girls jumping on the bed.

Tonight I am off to enjoy Clare Bowditch at Tilley's Devine Cafe with another Di. Total JOY !
Oh and today, Nath and I bought Kaela "I Like to Sing" CD by Justine Clarke... I guess that will be my entire listening pleasure in the car from now until eternity!! Lucky for us... I love it too.


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