Thursday, July 20, 2006

Simple things make me happy....

These are a few of the VERY simple things that are making me happy TODAY:

:: Ali's {latest} book arrived... do you like how I had our bathroom painted to co-ordinate ?? (bahahhaaaa)

:: Catching up with my friend Jodes and her son Jake last night.... SO VERY special.

:: Catching up with Kyles and her clan today...

:: Arriving home to the delivery of Ali's book, which I had been eagerly anticipating!! This caused a minor stress attack in which I had to call Kyle to talk me through (sad I know *grin). Reason I could NOT read the book then and there was for the following reason....

:: Having an appointment with my accountant (not Nath)... and being told I am getting a nice return... so in the end it was ALL good.

:: Winning our touch footy game 6-0 - our team that is, not ME... NOTHING to do with me, trust me. All I do is shuffle about *griN*

:: Having pizza and a few giggles with She and He before putting Mikaela to bed. Tonnes a kisses. Sweet child o mine.

:: Soaking in the bath for AGES reading Ali.

:: Nath being totally sweet {AND glued to 24}... so letting me do my thang!

Life is ~TOTALLY BRILLIANT~ SO looking forward to my Sunday - scrap day with my groovy gals.

So very kewl.

Peace, love and sighs of contentment.

And a GOOD nights sleep!



b/sistersshoes said...

Bek~ "Girls just want to have fun"
You do it right all the time! :)

Bedtime smooches from babies are the BEST! Give her one from me :)

kiss kiss xd

Susannah said...

Coming to your blog is like finding a ray of sunshine in the clouds :-) x

Bek said...

Dar... I love fun. Fun is SO good for the soul. I'll give Kaela a "Dar smooch" tonight.
Love you and hope you are feeling much better today.

Susannah... Such a sweet comment from one of the most incredible souls I have encountered on my blogging journey. Thanks.