Friday, July 21, 2006

Tonight is ALL about HER...

Friday nights are our "Mall Rat" experience. And most the time I drag {well not literally!} my little princess about Scrapping shops and things *I* want to do. Tho I DO let her go to the pet store and the toy sections.

But tonight, well tonight its gonna be ALL about HER.
Cause she is beginning (oh who am I kiddin, she has been for a while) to look like Steve Urkle.... you know the kid with his pants half way up his shins. Wikipedia refers to them as "high-water" pants. Yep - I am a BAD Mum!!

So we are off to pumpkin patch {love their stuff} to get a few very lovely outfits.... she is QUITE the fashionista!
She also needs some ballet shoes and stockings... maybe even a new leotard!

THEN... and HERE is when it gets really exciting. Maccas (NO - thats not it.. we always do that on a Friday night)....
We are going to the MOVIES to see Over the Hedge.
We saw Cars a few weeks ago and she enjoyed that.
But OTH is on LATE peeps...8.15pm. So we will see how we go.

And Nath is coming too.
He does join us on our "Mall Rat" experience sometimes.
And kids movies... well how can one resist.

BTW... just so you KNOW (and I hope you DO KNOW)... I am not ALWAYS happy !
I have anxieties, and insecurities, that ugly little critical voice... and enough tramatic experiences to cause me to be struck with fear... but I have worked hard to move beyond that stuff... not to allow that stuff to define me as a person. Because I am so much more than those bad experiences.
Perhaps little by little I will share those things...
Its just that I choose not to. Not to be struck with fear that is. I choose Joy....

~ I am just so grateful for my life, my daughter, my guy and my sistas~
For all the work I have done to get myself to HERE.
For BEING here... LOVING here.
And I will NEVER take it for granted .... ever.
Thats all.

Love and jOy to all you lovely angels.
I hope you have a lovely Friday night... and whatever you do tonight ~ I hope its what You WANT to Do (with all your hearts)~
Bless you.


b/sistersshoes said...

I do FEEL blessed by You!

That girl is such a cuuuutie pie, those cheeks are hard to resist!
*kiss kiss*
Have a great time with Mikaela and Nath...and if you ever do decide to share your stories, just know that I have already kicked the crap out of the boogie man!!!

lovins to you~
xo d

Bek said...

You are such a sweetie Dar.
Accepting and realising that there is a reason for everything... even the difficult is tough at times.
Or sometimes its just a matter of focusing on the good stuff... cause there is SO much bad.
Lovin you