Friday, July 14, 2006


some seem to be born with a nearly completed puzzle.
and so it goes.
souls going this way and that,
trying to assemble the myriad of parts.

but know this.
no one has within themselves all the pieces to their puzzle.
like before the days when they used to seal jigsaw puzzles
in cellophane insuring that all the pieces were there.

everyone carries with them at least one
and probably many pieces to someone else's puzzle.
sometimes they know it.

sometimes they dont.

and when you present your piece
which is worthless to you,
to another,
whether you know it or not,
whether they know it or not,
you are a messenger
from the Most High. ~
Lawrence Kushner

I was stalking this site... and came across this poem and had to post here... because it is beautiful. I love it.

For a long time I thought that I had to be "whole" before I would be able to find love. Perfectly "whole".
It took me a while before I came to the conclusion that in actual fact - none of us is "whole". We are not islands... we transform... daily, we grow... and we are interconnected !

We are individuals.
We have our own souls.
We do not become one.
I believe that.

And I believe that we have pieces to each others puzzles.
We need a village of people to live happily... not just one person.
A tribe of confidants... people you are totally honest with, trust totally. And love loyally.

A remarkable thing occured to me this week....
The depth of friendship and love was shown to me... brought to me.

Sometimes change can be very difficult...
And we must all grow from the catepillar to the butterfly.
In our own way.
And in our own time.
I think I forgot that for a little while.

Often I provide advice to friends {usually they ask for it, sometimes they dont}
My words are accurate... and I try to convey them with love.
But the real gift is to recognise when a person is ready to hear particular words.
To be mindful.

It does not make them wrong.
Just on their own path.
As is meant to be.
We are all divine spirits.
Doing the best we can.

Loving honestly, treading lightly and accepting that ~what will be will be~.

AND I TOTALLY love Jen's post on JEALOUSY... take a look at that! Really thought provoking, and accurate!

Peace and love my comrades...


b/sistersshoes said...

I am soaking this entire post in today....

wonderful you
to be
befriended by
would be

dar xx

Bek said...

Dar... thanks so much. I try to be a great friend.

Every now and again I need reminding that being my own best friend saves me a great deal of heartache.

Loving you.