Sunday, June 03, 2007

35 years old and 24 weeks pregnant...

WOW !!!
So here I am on my birthday {which was 30th May... and thanks for all the beautiful wishes from you all xxx} on the lawns of the Castle in Milan, which is were my grandparents on my mothers side are from, and the reason Nath arranged for us to be here on my birthday. LOVE HIM SO!!!

We then went on to Venice and we are now in Florence, which I adore. Our trip has been amazing... I have so much to share. My travel journal is bursting at the seams *grin* it has been good to have during the quiet moments [of which are few]... I have done SO MUCH walking, seriously.

Here are also a few photos in Venice, Mikaela with the pigeons which she LOVED, she was so excited and would have stayed there all day had we let her!!!

I have taken about 6G of photos so far... we have a few disks I will need to sort on to my computer when I return. All GOOD.

Today I took some especially beautiful ones of the Tuscan country side... and some of us all together, those will need to wait. Tuscany is my FAVOURITE!!! By far.

Best moments: walking to the top of Notre Dame, going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, having dinner and a show at Moulin Rouge, going to the top of the tower in Venice, church in Milan, castle in Florence... and meeting Nath's family in Belgrade *GORGEOUS* people!! Doing it all with Mikaela and Nath... sightseeing until we could walk, see NO MORE *smile*

Comical Moments: raining most of the day whilst at EuroDisney and having to buy kitchy cardigans to keep us warm LOL!! Nath and I with our matching Mickey Mouse cardies... how VERY cute. LMAO!!!

I miss you all muchly!

Love and Peace out...
Hugs and kisses


Shaz said...

Hey gorgeous I am so glad you are having a good time missing you and lovin ya huge. xx

Lusi Austin :) said...

Hi beautiful Bek, Nath and Mikaela!
I have been checkin in most days to wait for an update cause i so wanted to see some pics and here they are! they are just gorgeous! happy belated birthday beautiful one and what a way to celebrate - way to go Nath! The photos are just incredible and I esp love the one of Mikaela and the pigeons and of the canal (sorry not sure of the *correct* name!) but it all looks wonderful!
have fun babe and you really look GORGEOUS!
Love and blessings,
Lus x

leewoodside said...

Happy Birthday! Loving your pics

Sarah said...

Happy birthday!!!! Looks like you're having a fantastic time :)

ceanandjen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!!!! Look at how gorgeous you are!!!! I am so happy to see that the three of you are having a glorous time in Europe. I can't wait to hear more. Enjoy the rest of your trip and take good care.

sending lots of love

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

what a FABULOUS trip! the pics are awesome. and happy birthday to you. your birthday is the day before my sister's.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Wonderful photos ... sounds like an amazing trip and wonderful memories for all of you!! ~JP

Jodes said...

BEAUTIFUL :-) !!!!!!!!!!!
Just looking at these photos is getting me so excited about my trip (and sad that I'm not making it to Venice this time)
Glad you guys are having an absolute ball. Love the photo of Kaela in Venice
I can't wait to see pics of the MM cardies.

Turner Family said...

Love the pictures Bek. Cannot wait to see all of them when you get home - you will have to put them on DVD and we can come around and watch them with you! You look beautiful - being pregnant definitely agrees with you! Hope you got lots of pics in the kitchy cardigans.

mich said...

Happy birthday goddess! It looks as though you are all having a wonderful time! And you look so beautiful!

Love & light to you all,

Darlene said...

Your photo's are beautiful...but you, my love, are glowing and your belly is the most lovely perfectly round bun I have ever seen :)

I have missed you so and am only now beginning to feel myself again.

missing you bek and was so glad to see your beautiful face in my comments...

over due hugs and kisses

xxOOxx darlene

wish studio said...

i heart your red mama belly photo :) the best! sound like such an amazing adventure. thank you for sharing that gorgeoous pic of venice...dying with envy. xo, mindy

Wanda said...

Wonderful to have you back! The photo's are breathtaking!
What a darling one of Mikaela and the birds.
Happy Birthday!!

susan j said...

Those photos are sensational!! I hope you had a great time!!

Goddess of Leonie said...

oh wow... what a beautiful way to celebrate 35 years on this planet...

blessed BE!