Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mikaela's first year mini album...

We thought as well as a "baby-alive" doll (not the baby... a doll!), Mikaela may appreciate this little gift when our baby arrives. Its a mini album with 14 photos of Mikaela in her first year, basically month by month. I hope she loves it!
For more of the album... each page scanned, take a look at my portfolio HERE. SUCH a kewl new site Scrap in Style TV. I LOVE IT!! All started by the kooky talented Jeanette!!

I used my Sissey kit from the June collection. Love it!

What else?
* Loved chatting with Lusi last night...she is SO lovely!
** Delighted by this blog... as always.
*** I received the MOST STUNNING necklace made by one of my besties... I have to post that on its own, its just SO LOVELY! I am so lucky to have such talented gorgeous girlfriends. Seriously blessed!
**** Speaking of talented gorgeous girlfriends... this is the mini album that I did at our crop on Sunday, well half did. Only just finished. As usual... way too ambitious, which means I have other projects to get into. All good!
*****REALLY loving working from home... so I can get in a quick nap because my tummy is aching! {EDIT: didnt get the nap! Ha} I think the baby is having a HUGE growth spurt TODAY all at once. Hurts. 12.5 weeks to go... 12.5 weeks to go... 12.5 weeks to go... YIPEEEEEE! HUGE big perma grins going on around here now... and Nath is telling all his clients *grin* CUTE AS!! I am kinda beyond the needing to actually "tell" anyone LOL!!
Love and hugs...Bx


nicole said...

WOW Bek - what an awesome album - LOVE it!!
And totally know how you feel with 12.5 :) weeks to go - even thought it was already a year ago for me I have not forgotten those last few months. It's a completely different ball game once you have an older one as well!

Shaz said...

She is adorable cant wait to see the four of you. LOL

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

this is adorable...and priceless...and perfect! i love the yummy colors!

Wanda said...

This is so cute. You are so very creative in everything you do.
I love it all.

It's getting close......Yeah!

Jodes said...

:-) notice you didn't tell everyone the album took so long cause you were so busy chatting to your girlfriend you kept sticking the photo's in upside down *LOL*
Mikaela will love, but can you keep it a secret until the buba comes along?

Patty S said...

such an adorable album!!! i love the pose with the 'cheeks' - cute cute cute ;-)
she will have this to treasure always.
patty :-)

magicaldamselfly said...

This is such a wonder*filled gift that is sure to remind Mikaela that she is and always will be your special little girlie girl! Sorry for the nic~name but everytime I see her that is what pops into my mind, she is so beautiful.
Can't wait to see pics of all four of you together,,,what a blessing!

::gentle hugs::

ceanandjen said...

such a gorgeous album; your talent blows me away...

and I am so glad to hear that you are working from home!


Gigi said...

what a GORGEOUS book!!! i love the polkas (of course) but i really love all the bits that you added...looks like a little treasure w/ so many interesting textures...LOVE that!

& how in the world did 6 years fly by...whew! i'm sure you loved putting this together..so sweet!