Monday, June 18, 2007

Consumed, Enjoyed, Acquired of late ...

Just for fun, thought I'd share a few things making me smile right now:
Firstly, these slippers... warm and snuggly because it IS freezing here!!!

  • Breaking and Stealing... I LOVED this movie SO MUCH and totally recommend it. Jude Law is terrific and Robin Wright Penn has always been fabulous, this is no exception.
  • AYO's , Joyful... SUCH a sweet discovery, this woman has the most beautiful voice. Some of her songs take me back to the difficult days in my life (and some of our history is similar), which I like... reminds me of how far I have come and how grateful I am to be where I am today. Reminds me of choice and how blessed I am. Some days I need this kinda music! I just LOVE *love* Love her!
  • Silver Rain (La Prairie)... OF COURSE one MUST get some perfume DutyFree on the way home (ha, this is the first time)... it is SO yummmmmmy!
  • Oilily... A Netherlands brand. The patterns are beautiful. I got a new bag, makeup case and purse for my birthday. I am IN LOVE! The website is gorgeous too!
  • Tomato Juice... CRAZY for it at the moment - only because I am pregnant, loved it with Mikaela too - hahaha! Yah for folate!
  • Leather gloves and big fluffy & warm scalves are also making me MOST happy in our 6 degree celcius weather!
  • Feeling the baby move about heaps, since I am sitting on my butt at my desk *smile* ... instead of my recent activities of cleaning frantically, walking or climbing for hours non-stop... My obstetrician STILL tells me I am big (and so is our baby) LOL! Oh, and for those of you who have been asking, our babe is doing wonderfully and we dont know the gender - we want a surprise.

Still have heaps more to share... my scrap room continues to undergo a major transformation, waiting on some furniture before I can post the before and after impact... its a while away (6-8 weeks).

Plus TONNES of projects which I aim to post tonight. IN FACT... I have SO many projects to share (some I did before we went away)... part of me figures, whats the point??? Only I will feel all outta wack if I dont post em.... mmmmm, how the mind works? LOL !!

So thats about it... we are back to work and school and life continues along as per (mostly) usual ...
Love and Peace...

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Shaz said...

Hey babe you sound refreshed and absoloutely radiant.

Love You Huge Babe XX