Tuesday, June 26, 2007

EAJC #25 and #18...

So this week Tara has set the challenge... as Ems had moved house and has no internet access AND MAY be in labour, I think Tara eludes to that fact. How exciting!!! If she is... here's to hoping for a wonderful labour and a perfect baby girl. Go Ems!!!!!

Here are my latest cards, which brings me totally 100% up-to-date (with Ems challenges, nothing else... still feels good) LOL!

EAJC #25 is a photo that means something to you
Background to this photo is that it is Nath and my first New Years together... Mikaela was in Europe with her Dad... we took of to Thailand. New Years was at the Vertigo on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree in Bangkok. NOT SURE, but I am thinking we were a "little" bit tipsy! This was one of the best nights of my life... a night I realised and accepted that dreams DO come true. I have been nurturing the dream ever since... and I always will *sappy grin* I love you babes [insert here "pathetic sappy pregnant woman" LOL!!]

Also included my EAJC #18, Nature... 6 May (just a little late)
I love autumn... I love the crisp sunny days and it reminds me of when Nath and I fell in love.

I am totally loving my new scanner, makes life so much easier. I have a little mini album to share... a surprise for Mikki Moo when the babe arrives (pretty sure she doesnt log in, so surprise will remain till then).

Later dudes.


Nicole said...

Gorgeous card!!! Love the photo and story behind it! :)

Lis said...

Beautiful cards, love the photo of you and your partner!!

Paula said...

Such beautiful cards. I love them both. The big autumn leaf is so pretty & that photo is great.x

Marjolein said...

What a great cards, love the photo of you and your partner! And the autumn one is great!

Sylvia said...

Oh that nature card is so beautiful!

jess said...

awesome cards!! Love the photo!!!
:) Jess