Saturday, June 23, 2007

My little ~artiste~...

So we were heading out the door to see Shrek 3.
Mikaela drew this.
In Microsoft Paint.
How cute is that?

Shrek 3 was funny... quite a few laughs for the adults too.
Home for a great roast chicken {I am loving winter food}.
We watched Tim Burtons Nightmare Before Christmas (aGAIN... I think Mikaela has seen it about 100 times, tis her favourtie)
Then some more Paint art (I will add the updated version of Shrek later... right now Little Miss needs my help)
Then its bed...

Happy Saturday JOY!...


magicaldamselfly said...

I took my grandson, Gavin to see this movie and we had a great time. He loved it!
I can't wait to see more of Mikaela's art.

Fairy blessings,

Wanda said...

Love your little artist!! Haven't see Shrek 3 yet. Know my grandkids will.
Just got back last night, will try to catch up on your previous posts.
Love and Hugs.

Shaz said...

Great Movie gorgeous painting XXX

Shaz said...

By the way just read back I missed so much in a week I love it all. xx

Patty S said...

she did such a great job drawing shrek!! i took my kids to see it a few weeks ago and we enjoyed it. (i liked puss in boots on the shore saying goodbye to his 'one and only' loves...that was funny!!)
take care and enjoy your little artist's works of art! patty :-)