Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How SWEET it is...

... to be home!
We arrived into Australia at 5am yesterday morning, with 2 hours sleep in the preceeding 24.
Got to our house at around 9am... pottered about, put on some washing and the HEATING!! SO strange to come home with a sunburnt (silly I know, its only slight) belly from floating in the pool... to WINTER ~ I love that~ !!

We all slept most of the day and just enjoyed being HOME ... SO HAPPY!

Mikaela was so excited to see Paris (our cat) and Nath was reunited with his other love of Foxtel :-)

I got stuck into my scrap room... sheez talk about a transformtion! This has enabled me to FINALLY get some things ready to post to Shaz and Jamaica... whooohoooo, it feels SO GOOD!

AND I got some BEAUTIFUL flowers from Nath's parents (thanks so much) for my birthday, they (his parents) are SO sweet!

AND I had the latest CK Mag... and Sissey May kit waiting for me in the mail... I WANNA SCRAP SO MUCH!!!

Alas there is work to be done.... MUST sort photos today - will post some soon.

We have an appointment with our OB today :-) Baby is going NUTZ... quite the mover and shaker... and BIG kicker!

Love and Peace out...


Shaz said...

Good Morning Gorgeous, I cant wait to see the pics I bet you are glowing. I have missed you so much and I cant wait to get my package. SOooo excited about Bubba.
Ring me when you slow down baby.
Lots of Love Honey XXXX

Patty S said...

so glad you're home safe and sound!!! patty :-)

mich said...

welcome home beautiful! can't wait to catch up for a cuppa!


ceanandjen said...

Welcome home sweet you! Goodness, it must have been something to walk into your house after so many weeks overseas. I am sure that you created some amazing memories....I can't wait to see how those manifest into your scrapbooking!!!


Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

welcome home!

magicaldamselfly said...

Welcome home dear little momma! I was so happy to get on here and see a post as I checked daily just in case. I can not wait to see/hear of your wonder*filled adventures. Belated happy birthday!
So will you be finding out what the sex of your little blessing is or do we have to wait till it has arrived to find out as I'm anxious to hear.
::gentle hugs::