Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Walking the streets of Sydney....

Oh and my blog about Sydney beaches.... reminds me of an extrodinary 91 year old man.... check out his site Walk Sydney Streets. Coincidently on our last road trip to Sydney Nath and I heard him being interviewed on the Js upon our drive home.

Taken from his site:

Alan Waddell was encouraged by his doctor to take up walking. After a while, repeating the same route every day became boring. So Alan Waddell decided to walk every street in his own suburb. In December 2002, this idea of walking every street was expanded to include neighbouring suburbs and so his odyssey began. This site is primarily about an unusual collection of 479 photos of Sydney taken whilst walking every street, lane, bush track etc in 192 suburbs (so far) of Sydney.

Amazing man hey...wow. And these photos are just superb...a birds eye view of an amazing city... in a way that most people would never get to see, even if they have lived there all their lives (even if they walk there every day?.... probably) . That is what Alan said in his radio interview we listened to - there were so many things he had seen that he never knew existed, right there in his city. What a guy... with a good eye and great legs...

Now I feel a teeny-tiny bit bad about skipping Boot Camp {grin}.
Have a fabulous week.

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