Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I laughed SO HARD...

Tonight, I really laughed... you know when you are doubled over and you can't breathe? Well that was me tonight. More about that shortly.

Firstly we took Paris to her first visit to the vet... she did really well and apparently Nath and I are good "cat" parents {as Nath puts it}. As Paris is healthy, happy and doing really well. Mikaela was excited about the excursion too and kept telling the vet that Paris is her cat. Sweet.

So then we returned Paris home and Kaela, Nath & I walked into Manuka for dinner @ Ginseng. After dinner Nath goes to do some groceries, Kaela and I get a headstart... as she is on her scooter. Kaela and I hide behind a tree and pounce on Nath as he comes by. All three of us are laughing and carrying on. We take turns on the scooter. Kaela is running, kakking herself, she still has her helmet on which is a bit squewif and one of her ponytails is sticking out oddly... I am laughing so hard. Nath is chasing her and I am trying to keep up, running along with the grocery bag. THEN Kaela puts her helmet {BIG pink Barbie one, no less} on top of Nath's head & he just keeps scooting along... I almost fall over I am laughing so hard. We were all laughing so hard...It was a great evening... imagine laughing like that every day {I am laughing again now just thinking about it}!

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