Monday, March 06, 2006

In no particular order, a weekend of....

..Family, friends, tons of great food, beautiful babies, spectacular fireworks, great picnic, Thai take-away, flowers, horse riding lessons, shopping, Questacon ( has audio), Kingston Markets (Cass and Matt), cuddles, love, tears, lollies, bickering, much laughter, new mascara, driving in the country to Goulbourn for Eliza's Baptism, Sunday papers, anchovy stuffed olives (big green ones...delicious), airport visits, a deep bubble bath, spilt chocolate milk in NV (ohmygawd!!), blowing bubbles and dandelions, baby wipes, beer, wine, sports on the teev....and even some scrapping !

A really great weekend, especially having Cass and Matt was wonderful to spend some time together. Mikaela is totally inlove with them both. And we can not wait to see them again soon.

Such a shame....Nath made me remove the post of the cute baby photo of him and his Ma... tel est la vie !!

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