Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Decorations...

This was a class project I finished this week with Mikaela's class.
So cute.
They loved it.
All of them were so excited.
Basically I (along with a lot of help from Nath the night before... thanks hun) prepared most of the project before hand. Therefore the children just had to do the designs on the alfoil. I did the Indian Ink part for them and then they put it all together, with help from their teacher, Heather. It was a hoot. They were such fun, I had a ball. Little cuties they were, so eager and happy. My kinda morning :) Josh was awake when we arrived, then just put himself to sleep and slept the entire time :)

I got quite a few strange looks as I had indian ink all over my hands for the rest of the day (actually I just realised, I STILL do)... and it was SO worth it :)

I only have Mikaela's ornament to share due to privacy... but seriously some of the kids were SUCH artists!! Well they are ALL artists... but some of them had serious talent.

This little project is totally inspired by Celine, who came to visit and did a "Show and Tell" with them a few weeks back. I'd promised Mikaela's teacher, Heather, MONTHS ago that I would do some arts and crafts with them... who says 2 weeks from end of year is too late?? LOL !

Next year I am going to try a "Term Project"... I can't wait!

My 2008 new years resolution... to make it Christmas "time" all throughout the year :)
Love out...


nicole said...

That looks great Bek! It is be especially nice to have in years to come :)

Latharia said...

Oh, that just looks darling!!! :D

Lusi :) said...

You are so cute!
I love to think of christmas time as all the year through too mate :)
Looking forward to seeing your term projects with the kids throughout the coming year!
love lus x