Thursday, December 27, 2007

Josh just giggled...

For the very first time... Mikaela was blowing kisses to him and he was giggling his head off.

We were in the car on the way home after visiting my cousins.

Christmas at ours was lovely, much better than I anticipated with my mother and father meeting up after not seeing each other in 15 years... all went well. We had both Nath and my clans here and it was a great lunch.

Flying out to Palm Cove in the am, getting up at 4. Looking forward to some relaxation on the beach and poolside.

I hope all is well at your house.
Talk soon.


Anne Marie said...

Aren't those first few laughs the most precious sounds in the universe? Right now I can distinctly recall each of my kids first laughs and the things that used to make them laugh. For one it was jumping up and down making donkey sounds. The other it was peek-a-boo. And the last was blowing raspberries that got her going into fits of giggles.

Have a wonderful time at the beach -- can't wait to see pics & layouts~!

chanel said...

priceless .... sounds like a pretty special christmas for you! happy new year ... and thanks for your kind offer with the stamps - you are so sweet!
luv chanel