Thursday, January 31, 2008

This and that on a Thursday...

Notice, I got the day right this time, always a good start LOL!

Can I say NO WAY... I am in Creating Keepsakes, February 2008 issue, page 27 NO WAY, okay... its not really *ME* as such, but the advert for Exquisite Scrapping is in the magazine, and as I am a permanent design team member, one of my layouts is included.... whooo hoooo. Seriously excited. I didnt even know, I knew the same add was running in Scrapbooking Memories but not CK, Nath is the one to have seen the ad and pointed it out to me. I was feeding Josh and he came into talk to me, picked up my latest CK delivery and started flicking through, it just opened up at the ad... he was excited for me, too cute. OH and he saw a photo on the back with Ali and her Mikey ears, he was like "is that Ali?" oh YEAAAAAHHHHH he is IN the KNOW, cute as. Lus's hubs is like that too.... SO sweet!

I am going to be able to share a few published layouts VERY soon. I started to submit my layouts a few weeks after Joshua was born, in October 2007... since then I have had 9 pages requested for publication... it takes a while before those acceptances actually get out to the stands and over the next few months they'll be "out there". I am so excited, its great!! I fully encourage everyone to just give it a go! Oh and DO go take a look at Exquisite Scrapbooking site... we are running a competition for you to win a CRICUT MACHINE. How much JOY would it be to own one of those babies??? MUCH I am thinking! So go for it.

Another few things I am feeling joy about: My friend adorable Lusi recruited as a permanent member and a HUGE role at Scrapbooking Creations, go girl! She is so super talented and I am thrilled for her, ALI and her blog (I make no secret that Ali is my HERO... I **LOVE** her in a "I wanna be her when I grow up" kinda way. Tis serious love!) her Valentines mini album has won my heart !!!

I thought maybe I could do Joshua's naming ceremony books something like those... only I have 36 to do, not one! Ha! Fool... I'd love to be able to do that... but really sleep IS very important so they say!

So I am plodding along with ceremony booklets, doing the graphic design in InDesign and trying not to stress about it and all the other projects I have going on - I have about 12000 words to write for a few projects I have been working on, thankfully I am almost done on that, plus some. Also expecting two kits this week. So I am kinda busy busy bee like.

We are off to Sydney this weekend for four days to show Nena the sights, she is back from Adelaide tomorrow morning and we'll drive up then. Sure to be doing tonnes of fun stuff I'll share next week.

While in Sydney, I am getting my camera serviced too... no more blotches, SO happy about that! Only been almost 2 years since I bought "Ella"... so mayyyyybe time for a wee service!

I leave you with this pic of our boy... I cut off his "wings" (his God Mother kinda insisted :))... I think it makes him look like a little boy now :( GORGEOUS yes... but not so baby as before the trim.

Joy to you...


Lusi :) said...

Hello sweet one :)
LOVING your pics in the last post -so sweet!
Congrats on the CK love too! Yay for Nath spotting it! So kewl :)
And sssshhh just between you and me - its a job for Scrapbook Creations - but thanks babe so much for the lovin - you are one gorgeous girl!
Love Lus x

Mich said...

Congratulations Bek! I'm SO delighted for you ... I am in awe of you creative goddess!

Josh looks gorgeous - he's SO cute.


Mich said...