Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday morning...

1050am... I am in my studio, I walked Mikaela down to holiday program this morning (she was super excited)and I REALLY needed the 1hr brisk walk, Joshua is sleeping, I am listening to some tunes and getting some work finished for Keep'n The Memories...

Pot of Fenugreek tea brewing...

I am looking forward to Nath coming home for lunch and seeing what goodies have arrived in our PO BOX, DanQ tells me to expect something from her, HOW exciting. Maybe even my Sissey pack, that would be nice (and helpful)...

Yesterday I followed the MadeIt (Aussie version of Etsy) link from Dan's blog and found these gems:
Illustrations by My Charlie Girl are just stunning!!!
Ali J also has some gorgeous illustrations and jewellry... oiw!
KJS is clean, simple and really tasty illustrations.
Also loving Dudley Redhead and Yellow Monday.
SUCH talent and inspiration... go have a look-see, you will **LOVE**

Lus, thanks for the call last night, cutie pie pie!

Happy Monday loves...

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Wanda said...

Good Morning Bek: The teapot and cup are darling, wish I was having tea with you.
My life has been so busy now that we know we are moving. In fact, I am going to pack all my tea cups, and pots, and tea assessories in my hat boxes.
Will try to get back and visit for often. I can't believe how big your "little" boy is now!!
LOL Wanda
No need to respond... I just wanted to drop by and say Hi.