Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My BIG second grader...

I do NOT know how she is already in Second Grade, but she IS... a BIG 2nd grader.
The morning went well, she was a bit aprehensive last night, but today she was A-okay! A friend of hers was having a teary, so Mikaela was able to come to her rescue.

As I left her she had a huge grin on her face, ready and excited to start a new year.
I **LOVE** the first day of school.
Josh and I then went into Kingston, put in my memory stick to get a few photos developed. I bought some lingerie (oh-la-la), induldged in a coffee and couple of choccies. Josh slept on the couch after I fed him and I had a quiet moment or two to myself (MUCH needed)...

Now in my studio to get some work done.

I hope your day is a beautiful one.
Joy and love out...


Turner Family said...

They grow up way to quickly. Doesn't she look so grown up, but so cute all at the same time, dressed up ready for school. Glad you got a bit of you time as well in there!

I also spotted the add in CK as well - so happy for you!

celine navarro said...

look how beautiful she is. I miss her :( I miss you all.

Patty S said...

oh- she is growing into a beautiful young lady.
hope second grade is full of learning AND fun!
patty :-)