Friday, February 08, 2008


Of this little side project I have been working on for some months.
“Oh Gosh Josh” is a photographic daily diary of our little boy since his birth day, today Joshua is 149 days old.
I have not loaded today’s photo yet, will do later *smile*
Unfortunately I have missed quite a few days here and there, but hey, thats kewl!
I love looking over the blog, it is just incredible how much babies grow and change in the first year... SUCH JOY !

Other JOY... I am still cleaning my studio space in between my real life :)!!

Happy Friday to you and yours...


nicole said...

that is awesome bek!!
what a great treasure of his growth so far....and good for you for keeping up with it :)

Life with Littles said...

I'm so impressed that you have posted a picture almost every day of your babies life. That's a great thing to look back on. Wish I had thought of it.
By the way our boys were born on the same day:)

Turner Family said...

What a great idea bek! Some photos he seems a lot older than what he now is! You do have a very cute little man!