Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What am I thinking tonight?

I am thinking:
How lucky I am to be HER Mum?
How lucky am I to have HER:

  • Hold my hand
  • call me "Mamon"
  • kiss me, without wiping it off
  • tell me she loves me
  • sleep so peacefully for me to watch
  • say to me "look Mama"
  • smile that everlasting smile...just for me
  • scowl at me as I braid her hair
  • say to me "that's rude" when she doesn't like my request
  • reply "of course" when I ask something of her
  • be so generous and compassionate
  • be empathetic
  • only want ME to comfort HER....

..... I am the luckiest woman on earth.

How lucky am I to have met THIS woman?

A woman who....

  • understands me without me having to explain
  • who admires me in ways in which I don't even comprehend unless she tells me
  • is always there to answer my call no matter her own demands or obligations
  • is a kindred spirit
  • loves ME for ME
  • is my sister, though not related.... and GETs that!
  • Just GETS ME!
  • shares everything... hides nothing

How lucky am I to have met my Guy?

A guy who makes me so appreciative of ...

  • meeting my soul mate...ahhhh and now I get it!
  • being my best friend
  • my desire to be the best I can be
  • accepting those days when I'm not
  • loving me regardless
  • wanting me
  • encouraging me with my dreams & desires
  • being by my side
  • believing in me
  • being TOTALLY in THIS together
  • sharing & growing TOGETHER in this journey


A child, a sister, a soul-mate..... make me very thankful tonight...

I know I am trully blessed.

Could I survive without them?

Yes .... but not nearly so well.... infact I don't know myself without them.

They are Me.

BLESS. Totally!


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