Saturday, May 13, 2006

Got the Flu...

Big time. Or as big time as it gets for me.
Lazing about because I am so unwell.
Box of tissues beside me.
Moving slowly.
Just watched the latest episode of Amazing Race with Nath.
KEwl... mcGewl.
Hippies are still in it and MOJO are OUT!
Didnt go mountain biking with Kyle today as I felt so crap last night, told her then I wont be going today.
Thankfully I have a few months to prepare for MONT 24.
Feel like crap today...hope I didnt make Charlie sick last night.
Scrapping at Kyles... was nice. We were all rather buggered though, so was not a really late one, home by 1130pm, which is still late... lovely to curl into bed.
Still doing that.... hope to get over this by typical *hah*
Enjoy the weekend peeps.

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