Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday JOY...

I love Fridays... the weekend's anticipation. FUn things to do. SO MANY fun things to do!! Oh... and I quite like the "no work" bit also...
Friday night at the mall, hanging out with my girl (and sometimes my guy too :-))
AND chores, I dont mind Saturday morning chores, get them outta the way... move over for FUN.
Here is some FUN exciting stuff... we are going to steam clean our rugs {oh man life does not get anymore exciting than THAT!} Seriously been needing to do for ages, so I will be happy to get it done!!

Kaela has horseriding on Saturday mornings which is always fun, she LOVES it so much. I love watching her excitement... she is pretty good on the horse, not too shabby rider at all. Looking forward to going on trail rides with her soon.

We dont have a GREAT deal planned for this weekend. Catching up with friends. Scrapping.

AND one of the coffee making Goddesses from our cafe here is getting married. Exciting. Congratulations Sim... I hope you have a darling day.

And a sunny crisp Autumn weekend to you one and all. You and Yours. Enjoy!

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