Monday, May 22, 2006

Good Monday Morning...

To You.
So... I walked into work today... but even more exciting for me is that I got outta bed at 5.40am!! I woke to go to the bathroom, then I remembered one of the 7 ways to make this your happiest year "do it even if you dont want to do it" ... so I lay back in bed for a few moments contemplating the thought. Yep, I would rather stay snuggled up with Nath, and nope, I really didnt want to get out of bed. But I have goals I want to accomplish ~ getting out of bed the least of them... but certainly a big step in that direction~ So I did, and in doing so I managed to get heaps of housework done, make fresh juices {AND prep for the rest of the week}, have my shower etc, put on my runners and walk out the door at 7am.

AND it was such a beautiful walk...
sky aglow in shades of orange {just gorgeous}. Looking out the window now, you would never have known it was like that... tis all grey and cloudy.

I guess I will probably be in bed at oh, I dunno, 9.30pm. That will take some getting used to. I am definitely a night owl. I could stay up until 1am every night... but that would just be silly {and we do it all the time}.

Sometimes I am slow to get started... for all the pieces to fall into place for me... before I really act upon it. But once I do... I tend to go
110%. Part of my whole compulsive personality... when I do something, I do it well, I do it wholeheartedly, I do it ALL THE TIME, until I am so sick of it... then I move onto something else. But my aim these days IS to attain BALANCE. So I am looking forward to a (probably not as brisk) walk home this afternoon also. But I am not so sure that Mikaela will *grin*

OH... and
how exciting ~THE HIPPIES WON~ the 9th Amazing Race.... I was so happy I had a teary!! I know I am a dag... but I was so happy for them, the good guys won. A brief run down of our weekend: plaza with Kaela, Kaela horseriding lesson, spending MORE money on ChefToolBox stuff, friends over for dinner, watching AR, BIG sleep in, into Civic with Nath, shopping, buying MORE scrap supplies {like I need them, D'Oh}, lunch at Dobinsons, home, reading the Sunday papers, scrapping.... cuddles on the couch watching "Wedding Crashers"...

Have a lovely Monday beautiful Gods and Goddesses of our great world.

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