Thursday, May 04, 2006

She Rocks my world...

Yesterday when I picked Kaela up from school she was in the corridor bawling {I mean REALLY bawling} with one of the workers.
She had been like that for half an hour.
No one knew why, or could get her to explain (or stop bawling).
She had been at her Dads the night before.
I had no idea what the problem was.
She would not tell me.
She said she could not remember**.
When we got outside together she was still bawling and I knelt down to give her another cuddle - and something came over me - I just started crying too.
Why was my girl crying so much?
Why wont she tell me?
Why cant I help her?
I ALWAYS THINK THE WORST.... someone has hurt her... she is being bullied...
When we got in the car I said to her, I want you to say "I felt sad because......." and tell me what was making you cry SO MUCH. WEEELLLLL, it turns out - it was because one of the older students (they employ them to help out at after school care) was not there... and basically Mikaela could not remember her name, and wanted her company.
ANd she never remember's anyones name.
OKAY... so that is what broke her little heart into a thousand pieces at that moment.
ANd mine.
Forgetting peoples names**!
Or maybe feeling stupid? (Gawd I hope I didnt pass that onto her)...
It is true that being a parent is a rewarding and beautiful experience.... but it also breaks your heart.
Sometimes a few times a week.
About 1 hour later she was fine, jumping all over Nath and cuddling him as he walked in the door and I was preparing dinner. He went to get changed... and she ran after him asking for a kiss... he scooped her up and gave her another big cuddle.... And she said "I love You Naffy" and he replied "I love you too". I cried again.....
She (and He) totally rock my world. Daily.

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